Digital quiz walk / quiz trail.

Xrundan helps municipalities, workplaces and other organisations promote exercise and education for all age groups.










Xrundan hosts national quizzes with picture, audio and even video questions for both adults and children. New quizzes each week!

A classic Xrunda consists of 15 permanently placed signs with QR codes. The QR codes are scanned with Xrundan's app, and the participant answers the questions on their mobile device.

Xrundan's national quizzes are always free!

Xrundan's participants have now walked a total of over 450,000 kilometers!

The Xrundan digital quiz walk was launched in Habo municipality in Sweden on May 1st, 2017.

Over 12% of municipalities in Sweden subscribe to Xrundan as an activity for their citizens.

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Here's how it works

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After app download (free!) and registration, user chooses a runda and a quiz. What's next? Enjoying a their quiz-walk!

Quizzes are available 7 days a week!

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Access quiz questions

Follow the interactive map in the app to find the quiz questions. Depending on the "runda", questions can be opened by scanning a QR code with the app or they simply open automatically as the question location is approached.

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Every Sunday, the different national quizzes are updated with new questions (text, image, audio, and video questions).

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Participants in "Riksquiz" (the national competition)  can see their results on the municipality's results list in the app. Some municipalities offer nice prizes that the participants compete for.

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What do our participants say?



"We have walked Rocksjörundan, Munksjönrundan, Värnamorundan and Nässjörundan. Great enticement to get out and walk!"



"It is a fun way to exercise that is not just focused on one thing."



"One wants to do something instead of just walking, and at the same time, learn something."

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This form of spontaneous exercise can be compared to outdoor gyms. People can participate whenever it suits them and it's free!  Xrundan is available in approximately 12% of Sweden's municipalities with more than 200 active routes. Join in!

You can, among other things: 

  • Obtain detailed but anonymous statistics on Xrundan participation in the municipality.
  • Create educational quizzes on topics important to your municipality.
  • Send out prize coupons.
  • Engage the business community, tourist industry, and of course Chief Health Strategists. 

PS! Don't forget about "Physical activity as a prescription" patients, ESL and ESOL schools as well as Vocational education schools.  Xrundan can benefit many departments within the municipality.

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Xrundan is the digital form of the wonderful Swedish "Tipspromenad" tradition, which clubs in Sweden effectively use for fundraising.  Clubs host a "quiz walk" typically on a Saturday or Sunday morning. They charge partipants a small start-fee as well as sell "fika" (coffee, tea, cookies and cake).  Every week we provide new quizzes with questions that the club can use, edit, and/or create their own."

Clubs and organisations can also:

  • showcase thier logo and sponsors logos in the app.
  • show information on how to donate to the club or association in the app. 


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Learning while walking!

Our ultimate goal is to get people out walking, both young and old!

When a school joins us, they can install Xrunda-routes with QRcode signs or routes where the student must enter a "Geofenced" zone for the question to open up. We offer current affairs questions, and more subject-specific quizzes are on the way. It is easy for teachers to create their own quizzes. Of course, getting results is easy too.

Easy to use for high school students and adult education. Perfect for language classes for Immigrants!

Quizzes someone's native language? No problem!

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  • Company health services

  • Education/training

  • Internal competitions: local or nationwide

  • Company logo on QR code signs

  • A good thing for the company and the community

    Examples of private companies that have hired us to provide their visitors with a fun activity through our quizzes or their own quizzes.

    Kläppen Skiresort

    Kinda-Ydre Savings Bank

    Katthult Farm (Emil's house)

    Kläppen Skiresort


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Quiz trail alternatives

Gå Xrundan

QR code signs

With our stylish and sturdy aluminum QR code signs, the quiz trail can be up all year round. Xrundan's team ensures that there are always new and fun national quizzes to participate in, both for adults and children.

In the app, there is always a map to follow!

This setup is most commonly used by municipalities, schools, and also businesses.

Of course, your image or logo should be displayed on the sign!s

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A trail without signs!

Follow the map in the app and go to the zones on the map, and the question will appear in the app.

Geofencing is suitable for, for example, corporate events, nature reserves, ski resorts, or schools, and more.

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Traditional Swedish tipspromenad!

Many people like the traditional way, it should be as it has always been! A quiz walk should have paper questions and nothing else, period!

When, for example, an association subscribes to our service, they can choose between a digital or an analog quiz walk. The questions created with the quiz tool can easily be printed to a PDF.

Tävla och vinna fina priser i din närhet

Frågor i listformat

If you want a group of people to participate in an indoor quiz, perhaps for educational purposes, then this method is perfect. The questions are presented from a list in the app, which is convenient and efficient! The results are generated in the quiz tool.

Xrundan - Anywhere!

Kommunder som samarbetar med Xrundan

There are now over 200 Xrundan quiz trails in more than 35 municipalities in Sweden from Sölvesborg in the south to Sollefteå in the north.

Boxholm kommunBromölla kommunDals-Ed kommunFagersta kommunGislaveds kommunGnosjö kommunGrästorps kommun ● Göteborgs stad ● Habo kommunHjo kommunJönköpings kommunKarlshamn kommun ● Karlstad kommunKinda kommun (Kinda-Ydre Sparbank) ● Kristianstads kommun ● Malung-Sälen kommunMariestads kommun ● Mullsjö kommun ● Nordanstigs kommun (coming soon) ● Nordmalings kommun ● Nässjö kommunRagunda kommun (Ragundas hembygdsföreningar) ● Rättviks kommunSkövde kommunSollefteå kommun Sävsjö kommunSölvesborg kommunTibro kommunTranås kommunVaggeryds kommun ● Valdemarsviks kommun Vetlanda kommun ● Vårgårda kommun ● Värnamo kommunVästerviks kommunÅrjang kommun 


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